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No Labor

No Labor

There are some things that just sing to my heart.

As I left for my run this morning, The Engineer from his pillow says...'what about breakfast at that café in Winters'. Woo-hoo no cooking breakfast on Labor Day for this momma. Even though I am completely willing and able, it was like a sweet little gift all wrapped up with a bow.

The Putah Creek Café was a sweet gift indeed. Green tea, fresh berries on my Belgian waffle, some homemade whipped cream (I did run 3 miles this morning) (and even if I didn't I was willing to go all out) (Just sayin') If you find yourself in Nor Cal you have to make a little trip to the cute, oh so cute town of Winters and visit the Putah Creek Café on the corner of Main St.

So as we are driving my oldest declared from the backseat 'there should be no labor on labor day'.

There will be no labor for me on this Labor Day. I can totally get behind this

Hope you all eat well, enjoy each other and don't labor today!

On Purpose,




Excuses for my very spotty presence on  the blog:

I have been in the middle of some significant life changes...a move to a new city in Northern California into a new house.  Getting the family settled.  Adjusting to the new school year schedule and major editing of my book. 

During my busyness....

The blog was hacked.  I would like to explain in further details but I am not sure what hacking even entails.

At this time the email linked to my blog is unusable.

There will be a renewing of the blog and a major remodel. 

Please pray.

Pray that the hackers are being smothered in the love of our Jesus.

Pray for my continued editing and fine tuning of a 'long' book project.

Pray for the remodel of the blog.

Thank you friends!

Not in my strength

Not in my strength

They said this could happen....'they' being the experienced runners.

I could get to the point where something would mess with my training schedule.

Tonight is the eve before the looming 16 miles.

I have a head cold. The kind that feels like your head is about to explode if there is any increase in pressure what so ever.

But as I sit here next to the box of Kleenex and my water cup...it's that...my water cup.


It reminds me of my beginning. My starting point on this journey.

To be part of something bigger than myself. To rise to a challenge. A challenge that I could not be part of without being part of something bigger.

It's not about me, and really it's not about water, or evening running.

So what exactly is it?

Can we go beyond ourselves?

Can we get past what see with our eyes?

Will we commit to work through the immediate feelings?

There will always be something that is there that speaks louder so as to distract.

But in the quiet stillness there is peace.

Gentle, but bold.

Strength that is not of us.


Bigger Strength.

I am choosing to grasp on to that Strength tonight.

May we know our tomorrows are beyond our capabilities and rest in the peace that it is His design.

Heart Broken Again

Heart Broken Again

When you decide to go all in there will come times when you get your toes stepped on. Your feathers ruffled and maybe just maybe you will get your heart broken.


I'm not sure the exact time and day that I committed to being all in. And I am not sure it happened in one moment. Rather an accrual of moments. Being all in for me is a purposeful choice. I want to be in this moment. Breathing and experiencing it. I have seen it role modeled and it is very beautiful to me. I want my attention, my heartbeat my soul to be present in the current moment, so as to experience it fully. I think I am choosing each and every day to become more and more committed.

Being fully committed for me can be taxing and tiring, but hey I only have one life to live right? I am girlie filled with some empathetic and sympathetic emotions and I have committed to allow those to share in the celebration and heartache of those around me.


Maybe that's what Jesus did.

Maybe when He committed to love He had no boundaries or limits.

So part of being all in for me involves this same committed love.

It really isn't even a me thing at all.

I was sitting there Sunday morning and up on the screen in front of me the speaker put up a picture.

An African girl. About 8-9years old. Barefoot. Dress. Huge yellow tote for collecting water in her right hand. A long stick in her left hand.

I never got to see her face.

But I saw her heart.

A heart fully committed.

Committed to live life each day.

Just like me.

I am not sure she could express to me how hard her life is. I am not sure she fully knows.

And maybe I am assuming she has it hard.

When I heard that she walks barefoot 6 miles to get water for her family 3 times a day. She carries the stick in her left hand to fight off those that wait along the trail to snatch her away. 18 miles every single day to fill this yellow tote with water, not clean water, but the water she can get for her family.

She is committed.

Am I?

How can I be more committed today than I was yesterday?

It was shortly after seeing this precious girl that I decided I wanted her life to be easier. Again she might not view it as hard, but in moments of my heart breaking I knew it could be easier.

I am committed to train for 16 weeks.

I am committed to pray for her, her family, her neighbors. Her country.

I am committed to run for water.

I am committed to run a full marathon, 26.2 miles for the very first time on purpose!

I want to be okay with having my heart broken on purpose!

I want to respond to the heart breaking and be committed to love.

Please join me in living life on purpose.

What can you do today to be more aware and fully committed?

Running for the kids

Running for the kids

I ran two loads of laundry in my washer, water included.

I washed some breakfast dishes with water.

While brushing my teeth I used water.

After my morning run I drank some water.

The tea I drank while chatting with a friend this morning was made with water.

Water was very important in my shower today.

Drank more water with lunch.

I can't really imagine my life without water.

Nor have I had too.

All of the water I and my family use day in and day out is clean.

And even in California a state that had found itself in a serious drought for a few years, still has access to plenty of water.

Clean. Safe. Water.

And yet there are many people in this world that don't have this necessity.

Yes water is a necessity.

Because others don't have it. I want to do something about it.

I am committing to run my first marathon all for the purpose of water for kids.

Sweet precious life filled kids in our world that NEED water.

I will run 26.2 miles on Sunday March 15, 2015.

I have NEVER ran this distance before. It is overwhelming, intimidating, scary, and nerve wracking.

But I can't imagine knowing that there are people in our world who don't have water.

I can't stand not doing anything about it.

So I will run.

My goal is to raise $50 for every mile I run.

If you are interested in joining me...I would LOVE the support and encouragement!

Ways you can support:

  1. Come run with me! I have lots of training to do!
  2. Encourage me during the training.
  3. Come cheer me on during the marathon.
  4. Donate money for kids to have water.

My World Vision Page:


"We are intimately linked in this harvest work. Anyone who accepts what you do, accepts me, the One who sent you. Anyone who accepts what I do accepts my Father, who sent me. Accepting a messenger of God is as good as being God's messenger. Accepting someone's help is as good as giving someone help. This is a large work I've called you into, but don't be overwhelmed by it. It's best to start small. Give a cool cup of water to someone who is thirsty, for instance. The smallest act of giving or receiving makes you a true apprentice. You won't lose out on a thing." Matthew 10:40-42 (The Message)

Thank you friends!

Running on purpose!


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