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Every one of us has had to do it.

There is waiting in anticipation and nerves.

There is waiting alone.

There is watching someone you love wait.

There is waiting of all kinds.

Most waiting is hard.

Especially in our realm of time. When you see the clock and the calendar keep advancing.

Really what hasn't been said or written about waiting.

It's not fun, it takes time and we don't really care for it.

I wonder if there is time in the wait. Time to see more.

To experience more of that which our Creator intended for us.

If we would allow the time in the wait to interrupt our anticipation of the end point of our wait.

To be reminded we are surrounded by the One who knows the perfect plan for us.

To be reassured that every detail is within the divine realm of time.

To find joy in the wait.

Is it possible?

To find the good within the hard?

Does it exist?

Longing for an answer is attached to the waiting process.

For what do we long for?

Assurance that everything will be okay?



A comfortable joy filled life?

What if that was going on now and yet our hearts and heads were distracted by the wait?

Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God's Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don't know how or what to pray, it doesn't matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. Romans 8:25-27 The Message

May be we hold tight to the hand of the One who is with us while we wait.



Spring came out yesterday here in a beautiful way.

Warmth, sun, the trees and flowers are blooming.

It was a gorgeous day.

This morning there are hints of a repeat day as the sun is coming up.

I welcome these spring days with every ounce of my being, I am sunshiny type of girl. Grey cloudy skies of winter are harder for my mind, body and soul.

This morning I am reading Psalm 80:

Restore us, O God,

make Your face shine upon us,

that we may be saved.

He is the Restorer. He is God.

He is what changes the day.

He is what changes us.

My prayer for today:

Restore us, O God,

make Your face shine upon us,

that we may be saved.

The Decision

The Decision

I want to be obedient. I desire to be obedient.   Obedience I have learned far outweighs trying it the other way.

Even though I have learned this lesson the hard way it doesn't make obedience automatic for me.

I want to make a decision, but I desire it to be the right one. Really doesn't everyone?

We want to know what to do with our lives.

Does the course ever change?

I am seeking a "Yes" or "No".

I am hearing...

Be still and seek The Answer.

I'm trying.

And then I am reminded...

There is no trying in just being.

Be still.

Doggy Prozac

Doggy Prozac

I remember seeing you for the first time. You were shy. You were soft. At 5 weeks old we decided we wanted you. We had to wait a couple more weeks to bring you home. When we came back to get you we were so filled with the emotions of first timers. We had all the plans and ideals of how everything would and should go. You captured our hearts and lives. You brought joy, laughter, and fun into our home. For the last 12 years you have been a part of us, of our home, and our lives. Most importantly our hearts. Memories have been made. Routines established. Lives adjusted. Accommodations given out of need.


The selfish, all about me, part wants to keep you forever. The way things were. When you were healthy. When your eyes lit up. When there was joy that consumed your whole body at the sight of us, your family.

I know there are 'bigger issues' that need way more attention than this. But in my heart at this moment this counts as a big issue. An issue of greatness because of the heart ache it brings.

You are not just a dog.

You are part of Team Hamblin.

Others might not get the significance. And that is okay. We do. I do.

You are loved, cherished, treasured and a gift.

You have blessed us in so many ways.

You were created for us. For our family.

We are praying for peace, comfort and guidance during this time.

We are praying that God direct us.

We love you Ellie Mae.

Where we left off

Where we left off

Sometimes growth is only noticeable to those who haven't been real close to you for a long while. I know my boys are getting taller, as I can tell by the length of their jeans. However, it's always family and friends who haven't seen them in a while that notice it more.


Growth is like that. It takes time to see it.

We, you and me, we grow. We change, we evolve. We don't remain the same; we can't because life happens around us. People come in and out of our lives. Life changes us, causes us to grow. And if we want to stay comfortable and the same, we must work at it. Harder than if we would just submit.

Now that's a word that I shouldn't just throw out there, right?


Why would anyone willing do it?

Especially knowing that there could be pain in the process.

Growth can hurt. My oldest can attest to that, as he has reported to us that his legs and arms have felt the effects of growing pains.

When I wrote last on the blog I was coming to a dead end with control.

Identifying the fact that I had an addiction.

The need to be in control.

Learning that really this was a stronghold in my life. That affected everything I did. Including relationships.

I wanted a few nice easy steps to follow to be cured.

You know a 'plan'.

I didn't find one.

Rather what I awakened to was daily submission.

Laying down my will. Each and every day.

I have learned I want control so as to know. Knowing is power. Right?

I want control so I can hold off hurt and protect.

I want control so I can keep things defined.

I want control so I can establish expectations.

So how do control addicts handle relationships?

Most relationships are a risk for this very reason- you are not in control of another person.

You can't control their commitment, their love or their words or actions.

So what can you control?

Please take it from me I have tried it all. That sounds like one of those diet commercials!

My addiction to control doesn't have sacred boundaries.

I have been so consumed with the need to control.

I am healing, renewing my mind and daily submitting.

Yes daily.

And for that daily action I am enrolled for a lifetime in this life lesson.

I am not in control.

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