The Hidden Blessings of a Broken Coffee Maker

Tragedy struck my home this morning.

Ok, ok…so it justΒ seemed like one to me and the hubby.

Our faithful Keurig brewed its last cup of coffee 😒

Soooo, instead of our normal morning routine (which we both love), we had to think on our feet.

We made a quick plan, took inspired action, and rolled with the punches. I was so stinking proud of us!

The hubs went and grabbed us some Starbucks, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a new coffee maker (thank ALL things cute and cuddly for 2-hour delivery!), and we went about the rest of our morning without any stress, freaking out, or other “monkey wrenches” thrown into the mix.

The whole thing really got me thinking…

First and foremost, about how incredibly blessed I am in SO MANY ways.

πŸ™ I’ve got the money to splurge on bougie coffee makers

πŸ™ I’m married to an amazing and supportive man

πŸ™ I no longer freak out about the little things

Just a few years ago, a broken coffee maker would have derailed my whole day. No shit.

But because I’ve put the time and effort into healing and bettering myself, I can ride out a storm, no matter how big or small.

I’m able to find the hidden blessings in EVERYthing that happens to me, and (meta moment!) that’s the biggest blessing of all.

What about you? Are you able to spot the good in a broken appliance? Or how about a fender-bender?

I promise you, they ARE there…you just have to look for them πŸ’–

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