What’s Your Design?

Have you heard of human design yet?

Think of it as a new, improved way of getting to know yourself. Or a horoscope on steroids 💪

I’ve always been interested in astrology, numerology, and other ways of unlocking who I really am.

In fact, I have an entire folder on my hard drive that’s full of nothing but personality tests 😁

When I learned about Human Design and saw my chart (also known as a body graph) for the first time, I was blown away…

human design readings with Amanda

I saw that I was really a series of parts, all working together, and I was fascinated to learn more!

Human Design is a combination of astrology, the I’Ching, the Chakra system, and quantum physics.

Your chart is calculated using your birthplace, date, and time. That simple info gives you an energetic blueprint of YOU.

I’ve used HD to release limiting beliefs, figure out the best ways for me to live, work, and love, and accept all of me for the unique and wonderful person that I am 🦄

If you’re interested in uncovering and integrating all the parts of yourself, I would highly recommend grabbing your own HD body graph.

You can get a FREE Human Design chart over at Genetic Matrix. Make sure you screenshot it or save it as a PDF!

And if you’d like some help with reading it, just drop me a comment below 🤗

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